Photographs by Will Tenney

4x4: Four Photographers - Four Different Visions, a joint show, will be exhibited each Saturday during the month of March, 2014, at the Beebe Estate Gallery, 235 West Foster Street, Melrose, Massachusetts, 11 - 3 pm. The four artists in this exhibition will be Mary Lou Christensen; David Harris; Otha Sonnie; and Will Tenney. The OPENING will be Friday, March 7 from 7-9pm.

West Medford Open Studios will be held on Saturday and Sunday May 10 + 11, 2014. Will's work will once again be on display at 42 Monument Street, in West Medford, noon to 5 each day.

The Mystic Art Gallery at 14 Main Street in Medford Square, Medford, Massachusetts, is currently showing some of Will's work. Drop by the gallery to see the work of local artists, photographers, painters, fabric artists, jewelers, sculptors, and mosaic artists.

Some of Will's work is currently on sale at the 13FOREST Gallery at 167A Massachusetts Avenue in trendy East Arlington, Massachusetts, just across from the Capitol Theatre. If you haven't yet been to the 13FOREST Gallery, it is well worth a visit as over a hundred artists, crafters, and jewelers are represented.

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