Soundscapes by Will Tenney
I've been interested in sound as literature for quite a while, but only recently have been able to persue that interest. Literature, you say? Well, consider the written word, or the spoken word, for that matter. Images are conjured up by the words, images that are a part of the listener's or reader's own experiential vocabulary. A dragon is referred to in a story, and you conjure up an image in your mind of what that dragon ought to look like based on your prior experiences. So it is with sound. You hear a bell, some birds, people walking or talking, and you can imagine the place and what is going on. Each person will have a different image when hearing soundscapes, as they will have a different interpretation of a poem or a story.

So here are some soundscapes recorded with a Sony MZ-RH1 or a Sony MZ-R50 minidisc recorder using a pair of binaural mics from The Sound Professionals. I use Audacity software to post-process the sound files as 48000 Hz 32 bit stereo files, and I save them to 192 kbps mp3 format. LISTEN WITH EARPHONES for best effect. CLOSE YOUR EYES AND LET YOUR EARS SHOW YOU THE PICTURE.

For more information on sound collecting, and a bunch of really fabulous sounds, visit Aaron Xinn's wonderfully complex site The Quiet American.

Copyright 2012 by William Tenney. All photography, artwork, images, and sound recordings on this site are the property of William Tenney.
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